Who we are

Itfreelances.com is a Marketplace where Companies, Consultant agencies can find Consultants from the entire World.

We offer companies the freedom to decide whether they want to find consultants themselves or whether we should do it for them, as a traditional consultancy. No matter which of our solutions you choose as a company, it's completely free.

itfreelances.com will be among the best in the World to create synergy between consultants and companies.

itfreelances.com will make it possible for specialists to work with what they are passionate about and get the best out of their abilities.

We will make it possible for businesses to optimize their costs by finding the best consultants in one place, where the cost of consultants are visible and comparable, so that you as a company or agency get the most out of your investment.

Itfreelances.com wants to be an open information platform and an accessible interface between consultants and companies.

Our goal
We aim to be the preferred portal for Consultants and Companies in the entire World.

Our core values are:

  • Efficiency - we only use registered consultants at competitive and visible prices
  • Availability - it is easy to become part of our network.
  • Credibility - Companies can rate the work provided by the Consultants so we always have full transparency regarding their wor.
  • Value creation - we make it possible for freelancers to fulfill their potential and come out to the entire World. We ensure that the companies optimize their investment, with a large selection of consultants

Companies outsource in times of crisis
The economic crisis has gradually gained momentum in the entire World. Businesses are employing far less and at the same time the prices of consultants has also decreased, which is why companies more often make use of freelance consultants.

With such a high focus on the economy, itfreelances.com has the opportunity to contribute with Specialists from across the World, giving companies the best way to select the right consultant at the right prices.






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